Kardasti Studio deeply believes in all the activities and services that offers and put all the effort to take the hands of those who love their area of expertise and are aiming to expand their business.

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Kardasti Studio
is NOT an advertising agency

The world we are living in is a labyrinth of long and short messages. We believe that in order to be recognized amongst this mess, one should be honest, smart and move intelligently. Indeed, we aim to cooperate with those whom we have common interests and beliefs and not those who just require our services.
Kardasti Studio is a creative team consist of experienced experts who are working in various fields of art, advertisement and media for many years.
We can accompany you according to your needs and pave the way for you to reach your goals.

Our Projects

During the past few years, we’ve produced several commercials, documentaries and various video clips and have cooperated as idea generator, director, producer, editor, sound designer, and visual effect supervisor in many TV & film projects.

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Our Clients

Accurate assessment of clients’ needs, understanding the target market, and producing media content compatible with the characteristics of the clients’ business alongside with a reasonable cost are the facts which make Kardasti Studio unique.