Advertisement Counselling

Direct Contact with Advertising Agencies Is Not In Your Advantage

We exactly understand what is going on in an advertising agency and we know all the major individuals in this field in person. We can guide you throughout the process and in order to maximize the efficiency, we can be your agent when dealing with the agencies.
Being experienced in the advertising area, we take your order, follow and evaluate the quality of your work, modify the suggested media plan and eventually ensure you about the final output.

Other Media

Television Is Not As Effective As It Used To Be

Kardasti Studio believes in small scale young businesses. If you own or running such a business and you are looking for loyal and true customers, there is no doubt that you need other media rather than Television and Billboards. Creating and designing Customer Club, Content production for Television sets and Boards in Stores, Telegram channels, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, and other Social Networks are some of the services we provide.

Cinema Services

All of us in Kardasti Studio have passion and expertise in Art issues and have either studied in the field of Cinema and Art; or we have deep and wide experience in the related areas.
Post production services like editing, designing and implementing visual effects, designing and producing credits as well as designing graphic package and producing trailer have always been a part of the services of Kardasti Studio.

Documentary / Corporate Video

Kardasti Studio has long experience in producing documentary and corporate video. We produce documentaries in three main categories: industrial, commercial and inter-organizational.
If you want to record the process of a project, introduce the properties of a production line and inform your clients technical tips about the method of production, we offer you Industrial Documentary.
If you tend to introduce the process of producing, the properties and functions of your products to your clients, the best choice is Advertising Documentary.
In addition, if you are planning to report your performance in a unique style, or present an inter-organizational change in a way that prevents any misunderstanding, we suggest inter-organizational documentaries

Our professional photographers in full equipped Kardasti Photoshoot studio present the best quality for your package on two different areas: Industrial Photography and Advertising photography.